Every Bar in SF


This blog serves as documentation of the bar hopping mission of two men: Peat Montesquieu and Glen Robespierre. We have set out to drink at …

Harry’s Bar – #238


This is an extremely normal bar in an extremely normal neighborhood. I had a whiskey and was on my way as quickly as I arrived. …

Trad’r Sam – #237


A very interesting dive bar that specializing in “umbrella” drinks. The menu is long and extensive but offers no descritpions. This probably isnt a problem …

Hockey Haven – #236


There was NASCAR and Little League on TV, not hockey. I had a Budweiser among a very locals-only crowd. 3625 Balboa Street

Maggie McGarry’s – #235


All Irish bars are the same. 1353 Grant Avenue

Savoy Tivoli – #234


$5 for a Bud Light bottle? No thanks. I did enjoy the old French man who walked in and asked if he could store his …

Grant & Green Saloon – #233


I had a pour of Ancient Age whiskey fairly early one evening, the bar was mostly empty. I did enjoy the homage paid to Ulysses …

The Royale – #232


I had a PBR at this completely forgettable joint. Apparently, this bar has since closed anyways. Oh well. 1326 Grant Avenue

The Monk’s Kettle – #231


The Monk’s Kettle touts an extensive but pricey beer selection. After reviewing the lengthy menu for 35 minutes, I settled on the unimaginative Maudite. The …

26 Mix – #230


26 Mix probably has the tightest security I’ve ever been to. The bouncers might as be ex-FARC rebels, complete with fatigues, combat boots, and metal …

Skip’s Tavern – #229


A funk cover band was playing the night I visited, pretty entertaining. For $5, you can acquire enough Maker’s Mark to put you over the …

Wild Side West – #228


This bar has an amazing backyard/patio that you can very easily get lost in. PBRs were enjoyed, Ms Pac Man was played. 424 Cortland Avenue

Stray Bar – #227


A bar that serves both humans and dogs. I had a PBR and might have been the only dog-less person there. I also might have …